MINDSET – Find Your Magnificent Hidden Power Within

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"Remnant of a Supernova" Anita Chompff 2007
“If you believe it, you will achieve it.” These words changed my life. This is a story about how improving my mindset changed the whole trajectory of my life and career.

I haven’t always been a confident and self-assured person. As a young child I was painfully shy, and as a teenager I struggled with a lot of very low self-esteem issues. It was a really difficult time to get through. I was messed up for a few years.

Then, life settled into a normality, and I thought I was doing ok, and for 25 years I thought I was living my dream life. When that all suddenly came to an end I had to really take stock and reassess my entire life. I discovered that my sense of identity had been entirely built around my roles as wife and mother, and for all those years, those two roles had filled me with enough purpose and busy-ness to feel like my life was complete. I had completely lost that understanding of who I really am at my core. So the process began to define that identity all over again.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. We program ourselves from an early age with the mindset that will shape the rest of our lives. As young children, we are excellent observers of the world around us, but very poor interpreters, and so the experiences that shape our mindset can become quite distorted from the actual reality. In my experience, for some reason, as a young child I had written a story of being unimportant, insignificant, and worthless.

Mindset of Awakening

Redifining my identity started with an awakening of the power that I have inside me.  I recognise that I am connected to a higher source. I have a faith in God that had been developed throughout my life, although it had taken a big hit from the age of about 16 to 28, and then as I hit my 30s I rededicated myself to God, and my faith had grown stronger since then. 

It was time now to lean on that, to explore it, and to bring it to the fore. I remembered that I am infused with a power from on high that was still there, it was just hidden by all the stuff that life had put in the way. It’s time now to clear that stuff away, and although that process took several years, the uplifting impact on where I was at the time was instant.

Being connected to this higher source means recognising that I am not an insignificant mortal of no value, I am actually a spirit child of the supreme diety, and so I have inherited qualities and virtues far more valuable than I had previously been aware of.

I read a lot of inspiring stories of people who had gone through great difficulties and challenges, and had overcome them through their mindset, and I became convinced that if you can think it, then you can achieve it. Whatever it is that you think (whether positive or negative) is what you will achieve. Your thoughts, whether good or bad, will be your reality. I had read many self-help and personal development books over the years, so I was familiar with these concepts to begin with. When I came to that point of having to rebuild my whole identity, all of that knowledge took on a whole new meaning, and it became very personal.

The Mindset Journey

The journey that I travelled was not a gradual process of step by step forward progress. No, far from it, this has been a wild roller-coaster of great discoveries, wonderful insights and powerful breakthroughs, followed by a deep self-sabotage of fears, doubts, and complications. Up and down, forwards and backwards, reach for the stars with a fired-up mindset, then wallow in self-pity for a spell. But after each attack of self criticism, I got back on track. 

I discover my worth and my value, build up self-love, and get my mindset to the next level. I can share this quite comfortably now, because I believe that everyone – every single person – has their own similar battle of self doubts, fears, and criticism. Some people just mask it better than others. Many people have become aware of this reality, and this awareness now empowers them to intentionally fight back and overcome those inner demons. 

I am now one of these people too. Never again will I be deceived by my internal saboteurs that I am a worthless or insignificant person. I have been incredibly surprised at how powerful that awareness has been. Just simply being aware of the critics and saboteurs inside my head robs them of their power over me. Even before I do anything to intentially and proactively drive them away. Then after I raise my mindset and overpower their lies, I receive a strength that sustains me and allows me to accomplish what I could not do before.

There are different levels of consciousness that exist at a certain frequency or vibration. Your mindset can be measured on a map of consciousness which was developed by Sir David R Hawkins, who is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and lecturer.

 When I’m in a low frequency, it’s a very negative place and it’s easy to get stuck there and feel like the world is a miserable place. But there is a whole spectrum of levels that exist, from the darkest gloom to the most transcendant joy, and I can become aware of where I am on that scale. Then I move through the various frequencies until I’m resonating on a much higher plane. I can track my progress as I move through the various stages, and I can feel the impact of that raised mindset, lifting me up to where I need to be.

When your mindset is powered up and you are resonating at a higher frequency, you can also connect with others who are resonating at that same frequency. This is a powerful phenomenon that I’ve experienced many times. Have you ever had a really poweful brainstorming session with someone, and the ideas and creativity that came out was something you didn’t know you had inside you? That is the kind of thing that happens when you connect with someone on a raised frequency. 

The way that works best for me to move through these consciousness or mindset levels is to focus on appreciation and gratitude. No matter what challenges and difficulties we have, there is always something to appreciate and be grateful for. Sometimes it could take a little while to find one, but just by making that decision to look for one, you will find it. This is yet another example of “if you believe it, you will achieve it.” I can be experiencing a world of hurt and betrayal and anger, but then I choose to take control of my thoughts and emotions, and decide that I want to be in a better place. 

Knowing that in order to do that, I need to find something I’m grateful for, I always find something. From there, I build it up, fill my head and heart and soul with feelings of appreciation and gratitude, until I’m almost walking on air and floating towards the things I want to achieve.

What is possible with a positive mindset?

This magnificent power is inside everyone. Even you! What this power has given me is the ability to reach for things I never would have dreamed possible just a few short years ago. This power of elevating my mindset has given me a new life, filled with joy, purpose, and direction. I dream big, and I am confident in my ability to achieve it. This makes all those decisions along the way a lot easier, too. 

Having that burning desire of what I’m striving for provides clarity around what step comes next. Once I know where I want to end up, each decision is simply weighing up the options I have, and deciding which one will get me closer to that goal. Doors open, people who can help me just show up, and the effort I make is rewarded with forward progress and positive results.

 With a powered up mindset, I exist in a state of joy and appreciation, recognising that every experience – even the seemingly bad ones – as a great blessing to my life. Each experience adds depth and texture to my life, and provides an opportunity to learn, to develop compassion and understanding for people around me, to see opportunities to make the world a better place. I attract, and am attracted to, people who share my vision and purpose.

My identity is now defined as who I am – not who others think I am. But rather, that pure essence that forms the core of my being, to own the space I have been given in this world. This identity  is represented by the values I hold dear, and enriched by the people in my life that I choose to have around me. I give and I receive, I have a magnificent power to move forward, but this power is not mine alone. It’s a partnership with God, and it’s useless if I don’t have people to share it with. My forward progress is focused on what I can contribute to making the world a better place.

My challenge to you is this: 

  1. Find your true identity. 
  2. Find your values. 
  3. Raise your mindset. 
  4. Go and do it.