Online Mastermind Group

Join our Online Mastermind Group in a monthly Zoom meeting. This is a community of business owners who share your values and ethics. As a “Mastermind” group, this involves coming together for both our common and also individual challenges.

Access the collective wisdom.

Get up to 11 other brains working for the benefit of your business, as you contribute the same to theirs.

Facilitated by your Evertrue Solutions Permaculture Business Coach, develop your support network. With everyone on the same page, work with people who “get” you, and what’s important to you. We use and refer to permaculture ethics, principles, and way of life.

In these sessions we brainstorm solutions for each other’s challenges, we support each other, and you can develop true and lasting friendships.

Further supported with coaching techniques, goal setting, progress tracking, and accountability buddies.

Includes private Facebook or WhatsApp Group to stay in touch in between meetings.

Join us today to develop your business support network.


The Online Mastermind Groups form a key element of the Elevate Your Enterprise Program. Get in touch NOW to begin your journey.

Monday 9am AWST
(11am AEST)
First Monday each month

Tuesday 7pm AWST

Second Tuesday each month

Friday 12pm AWST
(2pm AEST)
Second Friday each month