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Evertrue Permaculture Business Coaching

What if being environmentally sustainable was also good for your business? 


You don’t have to choose between running a successful business and doing what’s right for the earth. You CAN do both! 

Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to run my own business. I also love the earth.
I wanted to be my own boss, just like my Dad, and have the opportunity to scale my income in greater proportion than a wage-earner exchanging hours for dollars. Having been my own boss since 2005, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Do you feel the same way?

The business world has evolved since the industrial revolution. We have a much greater understanding of how our business activities create ripple effects that extend much farther than just our suppliers and customers.

You know that we are all sharing this world together. You know that relationships are more valuable than making a quick buck. You know that the responsibility of providing for your family in on your shoulders, and that you need to do this right. You know that everyone is making an impact on the environment, not just the big polluters and the governments. This is a responsbility we all share.

I can help you with all of this. Finding balance, making a positive impact, making good money, and making your business to be a beautiful representation of who you are as a person.

Elevate Your Enterprise

You want to run your best small business.
Founded on your core values, designed to deliver maximum fulfilment and positive impact.
Embark on a 12-month program that takes your business from chaos to order.
Build your business to achieve sustainability and viability, supported by a dependable program that provides all of your business growth and development needs, as well ensuring that you are part of the sustainability solution.
  • 12 months Online Mastermind Group
  • 12 months 1:1 Coaching
  • 4 x Quarterly Sustainability Assessments
  • Permaculture Business Plan Development

Online Mastermind Group

Coaching Mastermind Group Business Counselling Support
Zoom connect

Join our Online Mastermind Group in a monthly Zoom meeting. This is a community of like-minded business owners. As a “Mastermind” group, this involves coming together for both our common and also individual challenges. Get up to 11 other brains working for the benefit of your business, as you contribute the same to theirs.

Permaculture Principles Elements Ethics

Facilitated by your Evertrue Solutions Permaculture Business Coach, develop a support network with a group of business owners that share your ethics and values. With everyone on the same page, work with people who “get” you, and what’s important to you.

Together Collaboration Business Planning Your Way

In these sessions we brainstorm solutions for each other’s challenges, we support each other, we access the collective wisdom found in everyone’s contribution.

Coaching Techniques Ask Questions

Further supported with coaching techniques, goal setting, progress tracking, and accountability buddies.

Facebook WhatsApp Private Group

Includes private Facebook or WhatsApp Group to stay in touch in between meetings.

Sustainability Assessment

Measure your impact on the environment
Permaculture Principle 4 Apply Self Regulation & Accept Feedback

By completing a sustainability assessment, you can do a simple kind of audit through every aspect of your business, and identify opportunities for making small changes that you can do now, and perhaps bigger changes that you can work towards.

Consider the saying, a penny saved is a penny earned. A budget minded person goes through every category of their spending, and finds a small change they can make here and there. The overall lifestyle doesn’t change much at all, but the collective impact has a big difference on the money you can save.

In this sustainability assessment, you go through each category, and it’s as simple as just making observations and recording what you see, what you observe, what you have experienced, what you know. Consider the impact of each element using the same kind of matrix that you would when doing a risk assessment.

Zoom connect

Connect with us online for a 2 hour session to help you work through this assessment, and explore the observations and opportunities that may present themselves. Includes follow up contact to check off the action steps as you work towards sustainability.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Don't tell me how to run my business

A Business Coach is very different to a business advisor or consultant. I DO NOT tell you how to run YOUR business! The focus of the coaching engagement is to achieve a result that you have not yet been able to accomplish on your own. You choose what you want that result to be.

Coaching Techniques Ask Questions

What I do is ask you thought provoking questions. I give you a safe and confidential space to explore. I use techniques that have been developed through countless successful real life applications.

Unlock potential find purpose chart journey

You could unlock what’s been holding your business back. You could finally begin to understand the financial reports and what they are telling you. You could find opportunities to grow into new markets that you hadn’t considered before. You could achieve your dream!

Connect with your Evertrue Solutions Permaculture Business Coach by phone (no tech required) and receive the one to one experience that could transform your direction, perspective, and alignment to your core values.

Business Plan Development

Business Machine Cogs Planning Strategy

If you don’t have a business plan, how do you know how your business is really doing? How will you know if one of the many cogs in this delicately balanced machine isn’t doing what it should?

Permaculture Principles Elements Ethics

An Evertrue Solutions Business Plan will infuse the Permaculture Ethics and Principles – as well as your personality and purpose – into the strategic, operational, marketing, financial and succession plans for your business.

Business Plan Strategy Financial Succession Operational

If you do have a business plan, when was the last time it was reviewed and updated? Are you still on track? What do you need to address to be able to reach your targets?

An Evertrue Solutions Permaculture Business Plan will help you run your business the way Mother Nature would have wanted you to. Because nature doesn’t get it wrong, you can always find the answer in nature.

Together Collaboration Business Planning Your Way

Compiled in close collaboration with you, allowing you to look after the day-to-day operations without the stress of developing your business plan on your own.
The completed business plan is anticipated to be delivered within 4 weeks of the inital Zoom meeting.