Evertrue Solutions Business Coaching - your activation tool for success

Don't tell me how to run my business

A Business Coach is very different to a business advisor or consultant. I DO NOT tell you how to run your business! The focus of the coaching engagement is to achieve a result that you have not yet been able to accomplish on your own. You choose what you want that result to be.

Coaching Techniques Ask Questions

What I do is ask you thought provoking questions. I give you a safe and confidential space to explore. I use techniques that have been developed through countless successful real life applications.

Unlock potential find purpose chart journey

You could unlock what’s been holding your business back. You could finally begin to understand the financial reports and what they are telling you. You could find opportunities to grow into new markets that you hadn’t considered before. You could achieve your dream!

Connect with your Evertrue Solutions Permaculture Business Coach by phone (no tech required) and receive the one to one experience that could transform your direction, perspective, and alignment to your core values.

What we do...

We participate in regular sessions where we will:

  1. Establish a safe space for you, free from judgement, guilt, shame or fear.
  2. Identify and clarify the specific result you want to achieve.
  3. Make sure that this result aligns with your core values and purpose.
  4. Identify what is getting in the way of achieving this result.
  5. Work around, under, over or through each obstacle to realise forward progress.

How we do it...

An Evertrue Solutions Business Coaching Program is delivered in 12 monthly sessions. 

  • Each session is delivered by phone. 
  • You will be in a space where you are most comfortable and have sufficient privacy and security to eliminate all distractions. 
  • I recommend the use of headphones, or otherwise use the phone on loudspeaker, so that you can close your eyes throughout the session and give your full attention to the process.
  • At the end of each session you will commit to 3 action steps that you will complete before the next session. They can be big or small, easy or difficult, you are in control of your progress. You report back to me once they are done.

The 1:1 coaching is a key element of the Elevate Your Enterprise Program. Get in touch NOW to begin your journey!